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We took the ancient methods of Japanese burnt timber cladding and applied modern technology to create different timber profiles and styles. Each finish results in a unique look and style. We offer all popular weatherboard profiles in Japanese charred timber finishes from Shiplap to bevel back. 

Take a look at our burnt timber finishes  below Suyaki - Full char, Gendai - charred and brushed and Pika Pika charred and double brushed. 

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Traditional full char timber cladding.

This Japanese charred finish is a stunning alligator pattern that is highly textural.


Suyaki is the traditional finish for Shou Sugi Ban with the timber cladding showing the original char. The Char is 100% UV proof and repeals water from the timber resulting in a very low maintenance cycle. 

Charred at 1060c then spritz at the moment it leaves the fires to temper the char and grain below.


We apply the first oil coat at the factory with a 4 side coverage. This locks in the char particles, meaning you don't get any black on you and gives the burnt char a longer life.


Over decades this will gradually erode away, but with the reapplication of oil every 7-10 years the char will last much longer. If you allow it to change, you will enjoy an evolving finish that shows the beautiful grain below over time.


Eventually, to reveal the beautiful wood grain patterns of a Gendai finish.



Suyaki full char Door
Suyaki finish
Yakisugi Shou sugi ban Charred and brushed New Zealand

Charred and brushed timber cladding

Gendai is a smooth finish with a textural look, highlighting the inner beauty of the wood grain while retaining the satin black of  char.


Gendai is our most popular charred timber finish, the Japanese burned timber is deeply charred and then brushed once through our high speed quad head char brushing unit.  

This comes finished with factory coated oil stain in either clear or black.

Oiling improves the life of the Yakisugi timber and highlights an underlying beautiful wood grain.

However, you can leave this to enjoy the changes in colour over time or restain every 3- 5 years to keep it looking ebony black.

Gendai Finish

Pika Pika.
Charred and double brushed timber cladding

Pika Pika presents you with both a textural finish, and a stunning contrast.

Pika Pika is made with a single intense burn and double brushed.


This charred and brushed timber cladding finish allows the introduction of coloured stains. It takes on oil stains very well and highlights the timber's inner  beauty. This is made to order is a breathtakingly stunning finish. 

The second brush is a specialist head that deepens the timber textures while further cleaning the char from the charred timber's early growth, bringing back the natural timber colour. The harder winter grain becomes high ridges of the winter grain holds its black. 


pika pika charred and double brushed timber
Pika Pika Finish
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