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Shou Sugi Ban Yakisugi Fence Suyaki New Zealand New Zealand NZ

Random width in Suyaki 

Yakisugi is made for fencing and as you can see with this Suyaki finish (original charred), it brings a new textural look to a fence.


Over the years the suyaki charred finish will gradually erode away, up to 30-40 years to reveal the beautiful wood grain patterns beneath. Or you can restain once every 7-10 years to hold the char.


This is perhaps the only finish for an outdoor product that improves over time.  

The combination of shou sugi ban  with random width boards add an interesting element that elevates the look of a paling fence by breaking the pattern of regular sized palings. 

Traditional Paling Fence in Gendai

Even the traditional paling fence takes on a new element of a styled finish in a matt black and wood grain presentation.

Gendai is our once brushed finish for shou sugi ban

If you choose to stain this, you will only need to stain once every 5-7 years. But many people love to see how the fence evolves over time. 

Available in 50x25  100x25 and 150x25 and 200mm x 50 wide boards  

New Zealand Yakisugi Shou Sugi ban fence Charred and brushed
Yakisugi shou sugi ban double brushed and coloured Fence New Zealand Pika Pika NZ

Horizontal in Pika Pika

Here we have an example of our Pika Pika  (brushed twice) finish that has been used in a horizontal set length fence. We offer this Shou sugi ban in either 150mm or 200mm wide boards in either 2 or 3 meter lengths. 

You can experiment with staining colours as an underlying highlight which can have a stunning effect on the wood grain.   

 Board and batten in Suyaki

Board and Batten profiles are versatile and lead themselves to a number of Shou sugi ban  applications like fences, decking faces, feature walls even sarking. 

we offer these in 200mm and 150mm wide boards with 50mm width battens. 

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