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Now in Australia Shou Sugi Ban
from The Blackwood Project 

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Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) made with WCPT - weather channel protection technology.

The only charring provider with a guarantee on your weather tightness. 

Shou sugi ban for Australian homes

Welcome to The Blackwood Project we supply projects in Australia with premium Japanese finishes on high quality thermally modified timber weatherboards. Our finishes highlight the beauty of timber and improve its performance.


The 3 primary finishes are:

  • Suyaki (Traditional full char)

  • Gendai (charred and smooth brushed)

  • Pika pika (Charred and coarse double brushed)

These finishes accentuate the natural beauty of timber and are supplied for building projects in Australia.

Shou Sugi Ban Specialist

We specialize in only Shou Sugi Ban the traditional Japanese art of fire conditioning timber. We are the only company with weather channel protection technology, and we back it up with a weather tightness guarantee.

Timber selection for Australian homes

Of all the timbers we have charred one of the strongest chars that has a great longevity is Thermally Modified New Zealand Pine. The grade is a clears one free of knots. We have selected this timber for its stability and green credentials being a renewable resource. Durable and stable and we have lots of pine in New Zealand.

Multiple finishes are available to our Australian customers. As we are a specialist Shou Sugi Ban manufacturer we process on a commercial scale, meaning a shorter turnaround time with a higher quality finish. Produced in Waikato, New Zealand, and delivered to Australia.

Projects for charred timber cladding lead times.

We process each charred timber for each Australian project at the time of order. This means you will need to allow 8-10 weeks for delivery to Sydney for your shou sugi ban timber.

The green choice.

Yakisugi or shou sugi ban is growing in popularity with Austral;ian home owners and Architects. As a 500 year old traditional Japanese method of wood preservation it is one of the best environmentally cladding choices in Australia. The is a healthy homes choice as we use natural plant based char oil for the timber and its all comes from New Zealand vast renewable pine forests.

Australia BAL29 & BAL40 fire Rating

We aim to provide shou sugi ban charred timber with a BAL rating of BAL40.

At the time of writing this (April 2023) we are still working towards achieving this and will keep our Australian customers updated. 

We estimate this to be a 6 month project, until that time we do not offer charred timber cladding for Australian homes in bush fire zones. 


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