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 Accoya Anthracite Barangaroo

Accoya is the diamond hardness of all charred timbers. 

What is Accoya ?

The clever people at Accoya transformed a fast-growing and highly renewable timber. Its a timber that few people get excited about, a timber that in its raw form is not durable and not stable. Yet they made that timber into the best timber cladding product available in todays market. 

The timber is Pinus Radiata one of New Zealand biggest exports. Accoya is made from  New Zealand grown platation pine, the raw timber is submerged in a natural non-toxic fluid which transforms the cell structure in a process called acetylation. The fluid is basically a potent vinegar, which then changes cellulose into strong fibre, making a highly durable and breathtakingly stable timber. This is why we affectionately call it Pickled Pine!


The result is a super stable timber with a natural (pickled) durability that is off the charts. Accoya is a durability class 1 timber that will out live our grandchildren.  It also its one of the best timbers to char, possibly the best charred timber we know of.

 Accoya Suyaki 

Charred Accoya is a truly beautiful finish to see. Its patterning is reminiscent of fine snake skin shoes, and it dances in the light changing throughout the day.  

The char itself is the diamond hardness of all chars we produce, and surprisingly strong. 


A popular question is, will I get black on my cloths if I lean on it? The answer is no. Once installed and oil coated its a very clean finish. 


The black char layer is what give you a low maintenance cycle. It both protects the timber from UV and heat, but importantly the char will never fade from UV exposure. 

Accoya Gendai 

These photos are a selection to show the Accoya timber with a charred and brushed finish.

The gendai finish is completely char free. This is one of only a few timbers that still shows a subtle embossed patterning of where the char once was. This is a great choice as both cladding but also for interior applications, being beautiful and hard wearing. 


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