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Full char timber fence


Inherent beauty highlighted by fire

Shou Sugi Ban NZ Deep Full Char Yakisugi

Fence -
200x50 palings 
in Suyaki 

With this Yakisugi fence we start with a full heavy 3mm char for the Suyaki finish (original charred).


Although this has a stunning textural look the Suyaki charred finish will gradually erode away to reveal the beautiful wood grain patterns beneath.

We can add an oil stain to help lock in the Suyaki and prolong this look.


This is perhaps the only finish for an outdoor product that improves over time.  

200x50 Palings in Gendai

We have now brushed the char away leaving the beauty of the hardened timber grains to see.


The fence takes on a new look and feels finished with a hues of the black and tan from the burnt timber.

Gendai is our once brushed finish for shou sugi ban

Available in 50, 100, 150 and 200mm wide boards  

Shou Sugi Ban Charred and brushed clear oil NZ Yakisugi NZ
Double brush and stained Shou sugi Ban NZ Yakisugi New Zealand

200x50 Palings in Pika Pika 

We didn't strictly make these to our Pika Pika finish, as they have not been twice burned. They have been double brushed and stained black to highlight the wood grain even further.


You can experiment with staining colours as an underlying highlight which can have a stunning effect on the wood grain.   

We like to stain to maintain the colour longer. It is estimated that you only need to restain a Yakisugi conditioned board every 7 years. 

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