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Homes in the traditional full charred timber cladding.

 Suyaki Cladding

This is our Suyaki charred timber finish, which is inspired by a traditional Japanese process honed over 500 years. Finding the best specimens of wood to work with requires a great deal of attention to detail and work. Only the best-performing wood species have made it into our selection; each has a distinctive char pattern and special qualities including char hardness and aesthetic appeal.

We offer only the best quality to give variety, ranging from the striking snakeskin patterns of Accoya to the alligator-like texture of TMT pine and the delicate, cloud-like char patterns of Alto. Although the char is black it emits subtle reflection of surrounding light giving a different look for the time of day. It also enhances the natural character of the timber by letting its grain show through, even with its deep black color.

In addition to offering the wood complete UV protection, this finish drastically lowers maintenance needs in fact some wood species require almost no upkeep at all. Discover the theperfect Japanese blend of beauty and practicality with our Suyaki charred timber finish, where centuries-old craftsmanship is applied to designs that require modern durability and elegance.

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