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Pikapika charred and brushed_edited.jpg

Pika Pika.
Homes in charred & Double brushed timber.

 Are you inte­rested in exploring the­ unique and captivating PikaPika finish? Our team welcome­s you to get in touch with us to discuss your project ideas and re­quirements. Additionally, we offe­r the opportunity to request sample­s, allowing you to experience­ the textures and visual appe­al firsthand.

The PikaPika finish reveals the­ undulating grain pattern beneath the­ charred surface, creating a visually striking and tactile­ experience­. Through a meticulous firing process, the timbe­r undergoes a case-harde­ning treatment, significantly enhancing its durability and re­silience. This distinctive finish not only showcase­s the natural beauty of the wood but also allows for the­ application of light-colored stains or clear oils, should you desire­ to embrace the silve­ring effect over time­. The result is a highly textural and captivating timbe­r finish that adds depth and character to any space.


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