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wire brushed timber finishes

Wire brushed timber finishes

Wire Brushes Distressed timber finishes 

The term “wire brushed” means to scrape the surface of an object with a wire brush to give is an uneven distressed look and feel. Wire brushed timber is a type of finish whose surface has undergone scraping with a wire brush. The goal for this is to achieve a texture that’s anything but smooth and glossy.

The process of wire brushing the timber accentuates the timber grain by creating micro valleys in the soft grain from the summer growth ring of the tree. This then exposes the harder latewood in the timber making small ridges which results in a textural finish highlighting the timber natural beauty. When you wire brush the timber you get a gently distressed and rustic looking timber finish.

Wire brushing timber does leave man made markings like a smooth dressed board from a planer, nor does it distract from the timbers natural beauty like a band sawn finish.

Band sawn Vs Wire Brushed  

Here you can see how the commonly used band sawn finish compares to a wire brushed finish. With the bandsawn finished board, the key feature is the man made tool marking on the timber.


When you look at the wire brushed finish the key feature that catches your eye is the timber grain. This finish allows us to enjoy the timbers' inner beauty.      

Wire brushed finish

Band sawn finish

Wire Brushed timber cladding 

Band sawn  timber cladding 

Brushed Timber cladding 

As a timber cladding finish, a brushed finish not only highlights the timber grain, but it also improves how well the timber takes on oil coating. Wire brushed finishes allow the timber to absorb more ink pigments which means more UV protection and a longer lasting colour.    

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