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The Shou Sugi Ban Japanese finishes Company

Weather channel protection technology.

 The only charring provider with a guarantee on your weather tightness. 

A homeowner and builders perspective on shou sugi ban from The Blackwood Project

A homeowner and builders perspective on shou sugi ban from The Blackwood Project

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Welcome to The Blackwood Project we supply Japanese charred and Charred and Brushed finishes for building projects in New Zealand and Australia.

We specialize in Shou Sugi Ban the traditional Japanese art of fire conditioning timber. We are the only company with weather channel protection technology, and we back it up with a weather tightness guarantee

Multiple finishes and timbers available on a commercial scale meaning shorter turnaround time. Produced in Waikato, New Zealand, and delivered to Australia and New Zealand nationwide. 

Yakisugi or shou sugi ban is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. This ancient method of charring naturally durable timber which produces a hard-wearing, long-lasting, and low maintenance charred timber finish. In addition to the practical benefits the finish also looks sleek and stylish. There are 3 main finishes for Yakisugi the traditional full char, the charred and brushed and the charred and double brushed which allows for the introduction of light coloured stains


Suyaki Alto


Shoui Sugi Ban by The Blackwood Project


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Why did we start charring timber cladding?

Working in the timber milling business for a number of years we noticed many people were interested in the finish that reduced the maintenance requirements of timber cladding and Japanese burnt timber addressed this issue. 

Before making yakisugi cladding part of our timber business, we needed to see the process and the product in its traditional setting. Our interest was sparked after supplying a large project in Auckland, that featured on Grand Designs, where the home-owner charred his own timber.


We flew to Japan to see how shou sugi ban was made by the masters, and hoped to learn why it works so well.  We were impressed, and it was reassuring to see so many old examples of yakisugi 30 and 40 years old still looking great today, some examples were over 120 years old. 

As timber professionals we could see excellent benefits to the end user from the yakisugi process that made the  timber stronger, more stable and maintenance free. 


With what we learnt in Japan,  we started to experiment with yakisugi using different effective burning techniques. After 1000s of hours and tenfold as many meters of timber we made good progress. Now we are very excited to say we have been offering Yakisugi Japanese charred cladding since 2018.

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