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Weather Channel Protection technology

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The only approved charred finish with a weather tightness gaurantee

Unsurpassed Charring technology 

Yakisugi was devised 500-600 years ago to make wood less susceptible to fire, to keep away insects and rot, and improve the timber's life span. However the old weatherboard design was a simple square dressed board, todays weatherboard are a modern designed profile to ensure the build is weathertight.

We have taken this old traditional method and designed a modern technology that doesn't use raw flame, but a controlled system that uses high intensity directional Infared Light and directional heat. This gives control over what parts of the timber are charred and enables us to protect key design elements of a modern weatherboard that must not be charred.

  • Selective directional charring means the weather face of the timber is charred to the correct level.

  • The lap and weather channel are protected from harsh charring which is paramount to maintaining weather tightness. 

  • WCPT means your charred timber comes with a workmanship guarantee of intact weather tightness and no under charring.

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