Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban)

Inherent beauty highlighted by fire

Suyaki Yakisugi shou sugi ban full char New Zealand


Suyaki is the traditional finish for Yakisugi with the original charr in place. A stunning textural look the evolves over time. Over the years this will gradually erode away to reveal the beautiful wood grain patterns beneath. This is perhaps the only finish for an outdoor product that improves over time.  

Yakisugi Shou sugi ban Charred and brushed New Zealand


Gendai is our most popular finish which has been brushed once.  A textural look highlighting the inner beauty of the wood grain while retaining the satin black char.

This come as natural brushed wood or finished with factory coated oil stain.


Oiling improves the life of the Yakisugi timber and allows you to use your imagination, experimenting with colours, as an underlying highlight to the wood grain.

Yakisugi Shou sugi Ban double brushed coloured New Zealand

Pika - Pika

Pika Pika is the double burn double brushed product. This is made to order is a breathtakingly stunning finish. 

The second burn deepens the timber textures while further hardening the timber cells. The second brushing reveals the deep summer grains while showing the high ridges of the harder winter grains. 

This finish takes on oil stains well and adds to highlight the beauty. 

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