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Charred and Brushed 
Timber Decking NZ 

shou sugi ban decking

Burnt and brushed timber decks

Using Shou Sugi Ban bring we bring a textured finished to the deck. A natural form of grip which highlights the grain of the timber deck with the Pika Pika finish (Charred and double brushed). Here you see the visual appeal of the timbers grain and not a man made tool marking like bandsawn timber.


With a charred and brushed timber deck you can choose to maintain the colour with oil stain or allow the deck to silver off over time.

Coloured Pika Pika  Decking NZ 

When making our shou sugi ban timber decking our advanced technology removes all the char and allows for coloured stains to be added in. This gives the timber deck a stunning contrast with the charred timber's late grown rings holding the black and the early growth rings showing the colour of the stain.  

This shou sugi ban technique gives the deck both contrast and natural texture. 

decking pikapika
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